Western Arts Club is a community of personalities, which are based on reference of a western art of a wild west so as on its history and form.
The Wild West term and the related arts also refer to our life style. Western Arts Club does not appear to be a classic club like - a party with its cards and contributions from paying membership.
Western Arts Club is an arbitrators competitions community. It is a community of people interested in any other western happenings, people who oversee the fairness, quality and organization in a friendly atmosphere that is worthy of western ideas.

The main arbiter WAC are not only Western champions, but people knowing the Wild West, who have dedicated their lives to a certain style of negotiation and who can participate in link of western art and developments at home and abroad.

Some of us had lived under totalitarian regimes, the angle on the American continent, especially USA as a free country with its peculiar history was really very actual in those days.
The wild west was our icon, so the American continent with an incredible mix of people of different nationalities, cultures and personalities.
We have great respect for the original Native American inhabitants, their philosophy and direct close interrelationship with nature. Because our ancient ancestors lived in a similar style.

Today's Western Arts Club is based on the true ideals of conduct from the time when honor and respect to the personality have meant something.

Today's Western Arts Club is a direct continuation of the tradition of European affiliates of the American Wild West Arts Club.
However it also draws from its own experience and more than 20 years history of organizing western competitions – whip cracking, gun spinning, tomahawk and knife throwing, trick roping.
Western values and western arts build upon the tradition, that go back in time to the tramp and scout past. We are interested in coexistence with people who are practicing with similar values and thinking.