Rules Grand Indiana Award free show


It is a separate contest of The Grand Indiana Award – the best western character and an open class show – open to anyone!

It is based upon the western character and a competitor is to decide what will be this show like.

The time limit is a maximum of 10 minutes and it is started and ended on the basis of the judge referee.

One can use a partner, spectators…

The place is announced after the performances of all the contestants.

A comtestant with a maximum of points earned is the winner of theshow.

The organizers are reserved the right to change the rules.


Rating is being made by 5 judges, each has the opportunity to rate max. 10 points per each figure:

Style and technique, music, quality of performance, contact with the audience – the rating outcome is affected by the audience reactionas well!

The contestant is obliged to adhere to the principles of safety and is responsible not to endanger life, health or cause damage to a property.It is forbidden to shoot live ammunition!!!When shooting a modified ammunition competitor must draw attention to this fact the judge. A contestant is eliminated from the competition when under the influence of alcohol or drugs!

The winner is The Master of the Grand Indiana Award of the Free Show ( place only)