Rules Grand Indiana Award whip


Basic rules for hitting targets:

  • A shotgun cartridge which falls of the beam or which flips stroke of the whip in the air and falls on the beam is considered to be hit.
  • Hitting two or more shotgun cartridges is not counted towards awarded points. Such otgun cartridges are not put back.
  • The distance from the standing place to the target is always 3 meters (9,8 feet)
  • Targets: classic empty shotgun cartridge with, skewers, spaghetti noodles, plastic or polystyrene coffe cups, wooden grinder blades, trigger of the revolver, inflatable balloons.

Single whip

Hitting skewers or spaghetti noodles in a horizontal position

01Five skewers or spaghetti noodleswith a length of 15 cm are placed above each other at a distance of 15 cm from each other. The task of the competitor is to cut the skewers one after another from the top to the bottom. The competitor has 5 hits in a time limit of 60 seconds. He obtains 2 points for one chopped skewer, therefore 10 points in total. In case of hitting more than one skewer there are no points awarded.

Hitting Skewers or spaghetti noodles in a Vertical Position

On a stand in a height of 50-70cm (1,65 – 2,3 feet), there are 5 skewers or spaghetti noodlesplaced one behind another at a distance of 15 cm from each other. The aim is to cut them one after another. The competitor has 5 hits in a time limit of 60 seconds. In case of hitting more than one skewer, there are no points awarded. There are 2 points awarded for one chopped skewer, therefore 10 points in total.

Hittingshotguncartridges in turns (alternating left – right hand)

Performed with one whip, 10 shotgun cartridges 15 cm from each other. Left and right hand = 5+5 cracks each. The shotgun cartridges are placed on a beam which is in the height of 90 – 120 cm (2,95 – 3,95 feet) and must be hited one after another from the left and right side. Changing the whip, at a distance 3m ((9,8 feet), 5+5 cracks at 10 targets, max. 10 points in 60 seconds.

Hitting spaghetti noodles on the handle with right hand

On the frame 120cm (3,95 feet) high is set of seveeral standard length spaghetti noodles. The competition is determined by a jury of at least five meters long whip. Spaghetti are cracked off gradually over the smallest pieces towards the wooden frame. Maximum number of hits is crucial. All competitors use the same whip. One piece of chopped spaghetti noodle counts for 1 point, 20 points in total.

Vertical Drawers

On a wooden pole at a height of 150 – 200 cm (3,95 – 6,55 feet) there is mounted rack with drawers in which the ten shotgun cartridges are placed. The distance is 3 meters, the drawers are 10cm above one another, the aim is to hit all the cartridges gradually upwards and downwards. 10 hits in total, 1 cartridge 1 point, 10 points in total.

The Grinder

At a distance 250cm (8,2 feet) and 80 – 150cm (2,60 – 3,95 feet) high there is a four bladed grinder set. With one crack only the competitor must significantly turn the grinder blades. Five trial cracks, 1 grinder turn are 2 points, 10 point s in total.

Right-left hitting targets

On two poles 50 cm apart and at a hight 170cm (5,6 feet) from the left and right side there are two rubber (nylon) 8 cm long flexible targets placed. Contestants must hit left and right target alternately left and right hands. Ten hits, 5 left – 5 right, each good hit counts for 1 point. Maximum 10 point s in total.

Horizontal and vertical catch

On the cross of two 10cm round beams with a diameter of 250cm high (8,2 feet), 120cm wide (3,4 feet) are four 15cm wide strips marked. Vertically below 60 cm (2 feet) above the ground and at the top at a height of 2 meters (6,6 feet), horizontal bar 10 cm from each edge. The aim is to hit and wrap around the bar where the strips are marked. One wrap are 2 points, Maximum 8 point s in total.

Swinging gun

Cocked pistol is fixed on the gallows pendulum. Contestants must hit the trigger of the swinging gun. One attempt, 1 hit, 1 point.

Skittles – chessboard

At 20 cm high pedestal there is a chessboard with dimensions of 50 x 50 cm. In their corners stand 10 cm high wooden pieces with a diameter of 5 cm. In the middle of the board there is a wooden figure, the king “with a height of 15 cm and a diameter of 5 cm. The target distance is 3m (cca 10 feet), 5 hits on the 5 targets. If the “King” is hitted with the first blow, it counts for 3 points, other targets count for 1 point. Maximum 7 point s in total. Dropping more targets at once is not scored, and these are not built back.

Iron Horse

At 30 meters (97 feet) long runway at a distance of 10 meters (3,3 feet) behind one another are 3 inflated balloons. The contestant must burst the balloons by whip cracking, while riding the contemporary bicycle. You can not go back, once past the balloon remains. All in one compact smooth ride. One balloon are 3 points, Maximum 9 points in total.


Single whip

High-speed Hitting shotgun cartridges

There are 10 pieces of shotgun cartridgesstanding at a distance of 15 cm from each other. Number of hits in a time limit of 10 seconds is not restricted. The cartridges are placed on a beam which is in the height of 100 – 120 cm (3,3 – 4 feet) and the have to be hit one after another from the side specified beforehand. Hitting 1 cartridge equals 1 awarded point, maximum 10 point s in total.

Hitting plastic coffe cups

There are 5 vertically placed wooden rods at a distance of 1,5 m (4,9 feet) from each other. On each rod there are 2 plastic coffe cups or 2 pieces of polystyrene, fastened from each side of the rod, both in a different height. The task of the competitor is to hit the plastic coffe cup in the shortest period of time and there must be visible parts of the coffe cup broken off. The competitor has only two shots on each coffe cup. If a coffe cup is not hit, there are 5 seconds counted towards the total time. The competitor is disqualified for overstepping the line which is at a distance of 2,5 m from the target. Points are awarded on the basis of the total time, these points are then counted towards the total result.


Single whip

Zorro target – turning off the candles – right-left hand

There are 5 candles fixed in a triangle behind a screen with holes. The distance is at least 2,5 m (8,2 feet). The competitor has 5 cracks to turn the 3 candles off through the holes in the screen without knocking them down or turning them off from behind the screen. He desides which hand will use. There are again another 5 cracks with the oposite hand. One turned off candle couts for 5 points, maximum 25 point s in total.


Single whip

Ten different types of cracks

Competition is focused on one whip technique. Ten different types of cracking, each is topped with an audible crack – whip shot. Free style and technique with a single whip – assesses the jury.


Two whips

Free style and technique with two whips – assesses the jury.


One – two whips

Assesses the jury.